Saturday, December 3, 2011

hd hdmi

hd hdmi

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  1. HD (high-definition) TV explained


    BT Vision's On Demand service delivers a choice of HD content.

    High-definition (HD) television combines a high-resolution picture with Dolby digital surround sound to produce a superior TV experience. Offering significantly higher resolution than a standard digital TV picture, HD TV is extremely sharp and clear.

    HD TV has two resolution standards - 720p and 1080i. The numbers refer to the number of lines that can be displayed on the TV screen. 720p means the picture is made of 720 horizontal lines with each picture being built in a single pass. This gives more definition and is sometimes slightly better for fast moving content, such as sports events.

    1080i displays 1080 horizontal lines, but builds the picture in two stages (known as 'interlaced'). While this gives a significant increase in horizontal lines, it is sometimes not as good as 720p for fast moving content.

    BT Vision uses both standards for its HD content. So if your TV supports 1080i then you should set the aspect ratio to match this from the setting area of the BT Vision main menu.